John Campion wants to help underdogs succeed. By drawing on his challenges, valuable life lessons and proven business acumen, John seeks to make a positive difference in other’s lives.

John’s success has come through a raw mix of problem solving, innovation, determination and connecting with people on a human level. He will not accept ‘no’ as a viable answer to any challenge.

As he enters a new phase and takes on new challenges, John will make a difference by inspiring and improving the lives of others. John has gone from being an underdog to being able to use his knowledge and success to help others realize their dreams.

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John Campion: Cofounder, Executive Chairman of APR Energy

John Campion: From Backstage To The Boardroom

John Campion’s remarkable path to success started on the backstage crews of rock-and-roll legends and quickly led to the boardroom of a billion-dollar company. Today, he is executive chairman of APR Energy® of Jacksonville, Florida, which specializes in the rapid deployment of temporary power plants in parts of the world that have been affected by natural disasters or energy shortages.

However, his path to success started as a roadie for rock stars like Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. He devised ways to provide power for high-energy shows, a skill that led to his business career. Having built numerous successful companies, listed on both the US Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, Campion has expanded his focus on other goals.

Today, Campion sets his sights on helping others overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. His involvements include the John and Suzanne Campion Foundation, focusing on health, education and nutrition for the less privileged, and Just a Bunch of Roadies, dedicated to responding quickly to worldwide emergencies with medical supplies and food.

"I'm beyond proving naysayers wrong. At this stage of my life, what’s important is helping inspire, mentor and guide other people and to make a difference in the world."


John Campion Elected as BCIU Chairman

The Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) announced the election of APR Energy Founder and Chairman John Campion as the new chairman of its board of directors. Campion, who succeeds William (Bill) J. Mills, chief executive officer of North America for Citi, will formally assume the role as chairman on Jan. 1, 2019.

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CJJ Motorsports Bolsters Support of Irish Auto Racing with Sponsorship of Formula Females Race Team

Adding to its already substantial support of Irish auto racing and race culture, the John and Suzanne Campion Family Foundation, through their motorsports organization, CJJ Motorsports, has become a sponsor of the Irish Formula Females race team.

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AutoVinco Receives Platinum Support from International Business Leaders

The John and Suzanne Campion Family Foundation, through their motors-sports company, CJJ Motorsports, has announced today that they will serve as the Platinum Partner for Irish group AutoVinco when it competes at the Formula 1 (F1) in Schools STEM Challenge World Finals 2018 from Sept. 9-13, 2018 in Singapore.

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UNF Racing Team Honors John Campion for $150,000 Donation Pledge

Last week, the University of North Florida Osprey Racing Team honored John Campion, Chairman and CEO of APR Energy, for his title sponsorship of the team. John was presented with a crystal trophy during the program’s annual sponsor reception—hosted Sept. 14 in the UNF University Center Board of Trustees Room.

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CJJ Motorsports Sponsors Craig Breen for The Rally Isle of Man

Irish American businessman and renowned rally enthusiast John Campion today announced that his organization, CJJ Motorsports, will provide key sponsorship to World Rally Championship driver Craig Breen as he enters the Rally Isle of Man for asphalt experience.

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3-28.16 Sunrise 110hp Per Ton and Sunset 550hp Per Ton

Last Thursday we began shooting a short film with Petrolicious at 5:30am. We started with my 1967 Lotus Cortina, making 110hp and weighing 1,995 pounds and ended the day at 6:30pm with a Lancia S4, making 550hp and weighing in at 1962 pounds.

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1.14.16 Thank You Sir, You Will Be Missed

One of the biggest breaks in my career happened while working with David Bowie on his 1987 Glass Spider Tour. His show featured an elaborate set – the largest touring set of any rock concert at the time – and I was one of lighting guys and soon to be the electrician in charge.

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John Campion's knowledge and wisdom, shared through his life stories and unique experiences, inspire and guide others to achieve success.